Stay in Lallybroch castle

Yes , you can Can you stay in Lallybroch – just not yet .

Exciting new plans have been unveiled to build accommodation rooms inside Lallybroch , real life Midhope Castle , so you will be able to stay in Lallybroch , possibly some time in 2025.

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At the moment you can’t stay inside Lallybroch as the inside is just a shell . No-one has lived in the castle for over 100 years . Interior scenes at Lallybroch were shot at the Wardpark Studios in Cumbernauld .

The 10 year plan was approved in 2022 , and they show the site will also include a whisky distillery – so , Midhope Castle whisky anyone ? There are rumours about Jamie Fraser ( actor Sam Heughan ) might be involved in this project in some way . Season 7 is out now , and the fans are loving the dramatic moments . Season 8 of Outlander is going to be the last season .

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The Midhope Castle distillery, which will become one of a small number of single malt distilleries in the Lothians, will use barley grown on the Hopetoun Estate, which has supplied malting barley to the Scottish whisky trade for many years.

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Speaking at the time of the plans being submitted, a spokesperson for the Midhope Castle Distillery Company said: “We will set out to design and build a distillery that makes great whisky while addressing sustainability through every element of its architecture, its construction and its operation.

“With an innovative approach across the board we would aim to reduce our production carbon footprint to the absolute minimum, if not to zero. We believe that this approach goes hand in hand with producing a distinctive and characterful single malt Scotch Whisky capable of reflecting the qualities and traditions of one of Scotland’s great historic estates.”

Hopetoun Estates Trust said: “The benefits arising from the proposed development at this site can be delivered in a manner that enhances the setting of the Midhope Castle and surrounding area .

“The proposals provide the opportunity to provide employment within a thoughtfully designed, appropriate development and extends the tourism offer at Midhope Castle / Lallybroch . The development will be complementary to Hopetoun House and the Estate.”

Fans of Outlander visit Lallybroch in their thousands, but can only currently access the outside of the castle.

Once the development is complete, these visitors will be able to access the repaired parts of the castle, which are set to be revamped to include tasting, meeting and dining rooms. The accommodation inside Lallybroch , real life Midhope Castle , will allow fans to stay in Lallybroch

Initial work is expected to be completed in 2023 with further renovation and repairs to the castle (including accommodation) to take place once the business is established . The castle lies on the same estate as Hopetoun House with the exterior used as a backdrop in series one and two of Outlander.

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